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ABOUT Action-Oriented

Hello again, thanks for stopping by!


I’ve created this platform as a way of building a community filled with encouraging and engaging stories of the human experience. Stories of ordinary people taking extraordinary action to better themselves and the world around us. No matter where you’re from, whether you’re 6 or 67, black, white or purple, every corner of the globe, we want to hear from you. Your voice matters and your bold action will inspire others to change the world.


As a professional leadership and life coach, I'd be happy to assist in bringing out all that you have to offer, but that's not all this site is about. My mission in creating this community is to connect individuals in pursuit of the best version of themselves with the people, ideas, and inspiration they need to manifest their wildest dreams. We’re a community of doers, dreamers, and game-changers on a mission to reshape the world. 


We’d love for you to subscribe to, learn from and share our content so we can build a truly connected community, free of bias, regressive social constructs, and fear, that’ll empower those who feel disconnected and out of touch with our shared humanity.


 I challenge all of you reading this to look through the website forum to see if you can find a way to create value for another member.  We all have something meaningful to contribute but that's not always easy to see. Allow this community to serve as your guide. 


Share your story, find some inspiration and make a friend. Take action today!



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