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Take Back Your Life


If you're here it's because you've experienced some sort of trauma or challenging circumstance and you're ready to let go of the emotional charge that is keeping you stuck in the past.
If you are feeling feelings of sadness, shame, anger, guilt, fear, horror or helplessness you have come to the right place.
If you are ready to break free from these feelings once and for all, regardless of how long it's been, what you've tried in the past or what has or hasn't worked, you are supposed to be here.
My name is Jesse Simpson and I am trained in the Trauma Resiliency Protocol (TRP).
This neurological intervention rapidly reprograms how the brain processes traumatic memories and negative emotions.
I am not a therapist and will not need to know details about the traumatic event. There will be no outward expression or conscious processing of your past.
This is not talk therapy.
It's a noninvasive, brain-based approach, similar to a guided visualization, with no need to open up old wounds. Instead we neurologically disconnect the memory from the negative emotions at the root, eliminating flash backs, intrusive thoughts, sleep interruptions, and reliving of past experiences. We then reassociate the memories with new information and positive emotions that permanently change how you feel about your past.
Previous clients range from those who experienced severe emotional, physical and sexual abuse as children to service members in combat to first responders on the front lines to just regular people who experienced sexual assault, car crashes or those have been affected by extreme violence and suicide as a child or adult.
But you don't have had to have experienced extreme trauma to benefit from this process.
I've coached those stepping away from abusive relationships, after divorce or infidelity, and helped clients recover from workplace bullying.
Basically, if there is a memory from your past that, when you think about it, gives you distressing or negative thoughts or emotions, you are an ideal candidate for this protocol. 
This process works for all traumatic experiences and results are guaranteed.
Imagine what your life would be like if you could get a full nights rest.
Without waking up in a pool of sweat.
Imagine walking down the street without experiencing old triggers.
Imagine how light you would feel once you let go of all of those heavy emotions that have been weighing you down.
Imagine learning to trust yourself once again.
That's what we are doing here. Guaranteed.
You have absolutely nothing to lose in setting up your Clarity Call.
Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below and schedule your clearing by clicking the link below.
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Reviews Worth Reading 


"I came to Jesse because I was absolutely paralyzed with fear due to PTS from a traumatic childhood. My relationships were near non-existent, I barely left my house, and the coaching business I'd been trying to get off the ground was going nowhere. My anxiety was constant and I felt easily overwhelmed; just thinking about going outside of my comfort zone triggered an anxiety attack. I felt like I was running while tied to a tree, desperate to move forward but was being held back by my past. In my session with Jesse, he explained to me what he did, how the session would go, and what I could expect afterwards; he was confident and knowledgeable while also being understanding and kind as he took me through the process. I had many traumatic events throughout my childhood that on a scale of 0 - 10 were mostly 10's where 10 is extreme fear/anxiety, and by the end of our 90-minute session, all of these 10's were set to 0. My paralyzing anxiety shifted to empowerment in just one 90 minute session with Jesse. I've never felt more confident and full of joy than I have right now. I've been told that I look like I'm glowing and that my energy feels 40 lbs lighter. The thought of going outside of my comfort zone now lights me up and excites me, and I'm easily able to take action that I never would have before. I'm not terrified of the world any more and I'm no longer tied to that tree. Working with Jesse gave me my life back and I can't wait to see where it goes now that I'm free. If you're not sure this method is for you I implore you to suspend doubt and give yourself this gift, you won't regret it."


-Liz L.


"Before, I felt fragile like I could break down or explode if the right thing triggered me. Even when my emotions were “in check”, I still had this subtle but almost constant underlying fear and anxiety about being triggered again. My life felt rocky and unstable even though I was trying my best. I am truly thankful to have someone like Jesse to reach out to for help. When he mentioned emotional clearing, I didn’t know what it really meant, but agreed to working with him because he’s someone I can trust. The benefits of this one hour session and using what I learned from it have made a remarkable difference in my life. Things that would totally trigger me before, do not now. I feel more peace, less anxiety and I’ve also noticed that I’m sleeping better at night. It feels the wound that I had is now finally able to heal.
Thank you Jesse for helping me heal."

-James H.


"Since the emotional clearing meeting we had there’s so much less pain and anguish. Before, it literally felt like there was a wound inside of my body around my heart and gut. Any disturbing thought felt like someone pressing inside of the wound or even ripping it open more. Now, the pain just isn’t there anymore which helps me focus on my priorities. It also makes me feel more strong, resilient and hopeful. I have a clearer picture of who I want to be and believe that I can get there. Other tangibles that I can think of include less conflict with my partner, deeper compassion for him, deeper compassion for myself which has helped me recognize shame and fear more effectively which then trickles down to helping me take more imperfect action towards my goals.. ultimately helping me feel more fulfilled."
-Melissa J. 


"I've seen and done some things. I've been through certain situations that were very traumatic and it was affecting my marriage and the way I treated my son. The way I treated myself and the way I treated other people wasn’t good. What Jesse was able to do was go to my subconscious and get me to deal with my problems, face them, and gave me a different perspective which helped me let go of the pain. Working with Jesse has given me a lot of space to be a happier version of myself, and to really let go of things that were not serving me in my life. I'm able to really listen to my wife and my son without being triggered. I've been taught how to be a better listener versus speaking over people and I can see the change. For anyone who’s looking for a professional that can help take back their life from Trauma, I’d recommend Jesse to help you. He’s amazing. He’s professional, real and authentic. He's got the right heart and I know he's going to serve a lot of people. I am grateful." 

-Tony N.


"I feel so much better that it's hard to describe. I've told everyone close to me about how I can still logically remember my trauma, but my emotions surrounding it are gone. I no longer feel held back and stuck in those debilitating memories, so moving forward has been so much easier. I'm back to doing the things I love and taking care of myself. I sleep through the night without any nightmares. That trauma no longer has any power over me. I've even been daydreaming, which is something I lost when the trauma dominated my mind. I really can't thank Jesse enough. He is here to help and I trust him fully to help anyone heal."

-Sharon S. 

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Take Back Your Life

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