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There is awakening happening around the world. We are entering a new age. A time marked by profound healing, love and transformation. A space where we break the cycles passed down to us by past generations and step in the Truth about who we are and why we are here.
In order to connect with this Truth, you'll need a shift in perspective that gives you a new way of looking at your life. The problem is, with so much fear and misinformation pushed in our face every day, it's easy to lose hope and trust with yourself.
You need the empowering shift in perspective that our retreats provide.
We understand what it's like to be lost, alone and disconnected. But we also know what's it like to no longer be held back. We've seen the inner sense of freedom that comes when you start to own the personal power you have to take back your life. Combine that with a community of people on the same journey as you and your life is changed forever.
Our approach combines adventure travel and plant medicine in a transformative experience that will literally transform your life - mind, body and soul. 
You are worthy of a week away. 
We welcome you to join us in Colombia. 
Read on to learn more. 
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Take some time and space for yourself in the heart of Colombia and walk away refreshed, reengaged and reconnected to yourself.
Colombia, once one of the most dangerous countries in the world, has transformed itself into one of the most innovative. There is no better place for you to do the same. The people, culture and countryside rival any in the world. From the warmth and generosity of the locals to the waterfalls and rivers in the mountains nearby, this South American gem has it all.
Our location is one of the best in the world for the transformation that will come from our short week together. Guatapé, the lakeside home of our retreat, is known as the "Most Colorful Town in Colombia." It's filled with colorful houses, cobblestone streets and friendly locals and surrounded by the nature you need to reconnect with yourself. Combine this with the power of indigenous medicine and the tours we have planned and this trip has the potential to change the course of your life in a very real and lasting way.
Imagine coming out of this retreat with the courage, clarity, and confidence you need to transform your life.
That is exactly what awaits on the other side of our 8 days and nights together.
Read on below to learn more about what this retreat includes.

The Retreat

What's Included

  • 8 days, 8 Nights of adventure travel and sacred medicine in the heart of Colombia.
  • All inclusive (food, tours, transportation, yoga, medicine, workshops and more)
  • Lakeside Accommodations
  • Private chef for the week
  • At least 2 Kambo, 1 Ayahuasca/Yage, and 1 Bufo medicine ceremonies facilitated by traditional shamans
  • Pre- and Post-Ceremony Integration Circles
  • At least 1 guided hike
  • All transport and guides included
  • Team building and family dinners
  • Vision and goal setting workshop
  • Post retreat community support
  • Yoga classes, breathe work workshops and more
All ceremonies, tours and experiences are optional but highly recommended.
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Love and Respect

We've got the utmost love and respect for indigenous traditions, and see our role as cultural bridge, connecting you with the power of their inspiring ways of life. In this mutually beneficial relationship, we pay for their services at the rate they set and donate 10% of retreat proceeds back to the indigenous to support with health, education and infrastructure.
Our Ayahuasca/Yage ceremonies are led by Taita Giovani, a Master Shaman from the Awa Indigenous Community of Putumayo, Colombia. He has been serving the medicine for 25 years and has impeccable reputation in the medicine community. Starting in his ancestral home in Putumayo, he currently welcomes people for ceremony in his maloca (designated ritual space) in Santa Elena, Medellin and travels back to the jungles of Putumayo twice a year to brew the ayahuasca he serves himself. He works with experienced local facilitators who will guide and support you through your communion with the medicine.
We emphasize the importance of integration from these consciousness expanding experiences and support with in-person intention setting and integration circles, post-retreat calls and on going support following the retreat.
If you would like to learn more about the medicines and ceremonies please click "More Info" below to read the Frequently Asked Questions.
More Info

Here's Where We're Staying

Check out the pictures of our accommodations. We'll have a private chef, Marisol, who cooks amazing Colombian food so you can enjoy your meal with these incredible views. In your spare time relax in the jacuzzi or pool, swing in the hammocks, or find some space for yourself to rest, reflect, and connect.

"I went on this trip not knowing what to expect. I just knew that I felt lost. I was confused about my life and didn't know what to focus on or where I'd end up. Now reflecting on the trip it's hard to describe what I experienced while in Colombia. Something deep inside of me shifted. The warmth of the people and the raw beauty of Colombia was enough to bring me back home to myself but the experiences I had just can't be summed up in words. I feel like I know who I am and why I am here. It's like I was searching always for something outside of myself but this trip showed me how to look within. I feel transformed. I feel connected and I feel so grateful for the team of people who put this trip together. I know it has changed the course of my life. If you are feeling lost, stuck or alone, I encourage you to answer this call to adventure. Go on this trip. You will be fully supported and I know it will change the course of your life in the most powerful and amazing way. Few things do I recommend with such conviction but if you are reading this I know this trip is what you have been searching for."

Sam F.
United States

What's Not Included

  • Airfare to and from Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (Airport Code: MDE)
  • Any offsite meals or purchases
  • Alcoholic beverages (strongly discouraged)
  • Travel insurance (strongly recommended)
  • Travel medical insurance (required). We recommend IMG Global.
  • Tips and gratuities for guides, hosts and facilitators
  • COVID related travel expenses and/or tests.










Prepare for Your Retreat

Get ready for this adventure of a lifetime! Not much is required other than an open mind, a taste for adventure and a willingness to leave the lesser version of you behind. You'll be challenged - mentally, physically and spiritually - but gifted a new lease on life. 

Before You Go

  • Schedule Your Confirmation Call
  • Secure your spot with a $500 deposit
  • Purchase your flight to Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (Airport Code: MDE)(Airline tickets not included)
  • Purchase travel (recommended) and medical insurance (required)
  • Stay connected for travel and trip updates
  • Pack your bags
  • Enjoy!

Join us on this Adventure of a Lifetime! 

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Let the journey begin!

The real work with any consciousness expanding experience comes afterwards, during the integration. Integration allows you the opportunity to apply the insights, ideas and inspiration you picked up on your journey into your every day life - where it really matters.

This will be the most challenging yet rewarding and expansive journey of your life.

Allow this free download to serve as your guide.

Best of luck!