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Welcome to Action-Oriented! My name is Jesse Simpson and I believe it's never too late to change your life.  I’m truly grateful that you are here. If you feel disconnected from who you are and why you are here, you've come to the right place. 
I’m a former US Marine and firefighter, with a Master's Degree and a passion for helping others overcome adversity and take action towards their dreams. I'm a Transformational Coach skilled at helping people uncover their purpose after loss, trauma or transition.
A Transformational Coach will help you shift your identity, which changes how you see yourself and show up in the world. This is how you will move from being a victim of chance and circumstance to becoming a powerful creator of your life. If this is something you need, your next action is to take the quiz and schedule a call via the link below. 
I also host transformative travel experiences in Colombia. During these week long retreats we combine adventure travel and plant medicine to help you heal your past, step into your power and find your purpose.
As an entrepreneur, I am guided by a vision of a more connected and conscious world. I am fueled by the values of love, integrity, service, growth and action. 
I am skilled at eliminating trauma, PTSD, limiting beliefs and any other thought or feeling that keeps you stuck in the past so can transform your life from the inside out. 
On a personal note, I’m equal parts bungee jumper and book reader, weight lifter and yoga practitioner. I love traveling, hiking, beaches, sunshine, trampolines, my 2 Goldendoodles and all things adventure but nothing beats good coffee and great conversation.
When I think of things that give life the most meaning I think of the potential each of us has to chase after crazy childhood dreams and to change a stranger’s life with a smile. A 12-year-old once told me, “we only have this one life to live, so it’s our job to make the most of it while we still can.” I believe no truer words have ever been said. 
I’m happy you're here and I welcome the opportunity to support you as you lead your life to the next level. 
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"I initially thought that Jesse could help me manage my time better or maybe reduce my stress levels. He has helped me improve these things, but so much more. I can say that what he’s taught me has literally changed the course of my life. Since working with Jesse, I have a deeper understanding of who I am meant to be, I am more connected to my loved ones, and I feel much more peace, joy and hope on a daily basis. His coaching provided me accountability, encouragement, and the support to take action and keep moving forward towards my goals. Making the commitment to work with Jesse has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. What I have gained is invaluable."


Entrepreneur and Community Leader



Whether your time or your money, your skills or your self, we all have something to give. For a friend in a need of a hug, a stranger in need of a smile or a community in need of a voice, the gifts you give bring meaning to your life. No matter what you are going through or where you’ve been, never forget that each of us has the power to pick someone up when they're down. That someone, somewhere out there, is counting on you. 


Never stop growing! The pursuit of experiences and education, in class and out, can change your perspective, potential and power to manifest your dreams. Your current mindset, skill set and capabilities have brought you to where you are in the world right now. If you’re ready for more, it’s time to grow. There’s nothing you can’t accomplish when you commit to learning the lessons you need to level up your life.


Action is the greatest adversary of adversity. Do not be held back by your own limits, fears and doubts. Let go of the limiting beliefs of others, even when they have the best intentions in mind. If you feel called to something greater, no-one can answer the call but you. There’s so much to learn, to see, to experience. Take action today! 

Give, Grow, Go! The best measures of a life lived well.


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